Circles in the Sand

My thoughts seem to be inhibited by closed doors present in almost every passageway of my mind. This allows my senses to dominate, and they have become especially keen. Sprawled out on a sandy beach, I can hear the soothing sound of the rolling waves and the soft chirping of an apapane, a bird native to Hawaii. I feel the sun beaming down on me, and it reminds me of the warm embrace I so desperately need. The cool waters of the ocean nip at my toes like a saucy puppy, and I inhale the salty sea breeze.

        Subconsciously, I clutch a twig in my right hand, and begin to draw circles in the sand. Gradually, they increase in size, and I continue to draw them compulsively. Suddenly, seven pairs of feet walk into the largest circle. Instantly, I freeze and look up at the group’s curious, unfamiliar faces. They all look about my age, give or take a few years. For a moment, all is silent, until one girl pipes up, “Howdy! Do you like bubble wrap?”

        I cock my head to the side and look quite perplexed. Even after coming to shore, I am still lost in a sea of utter confusion. I awkwardly rise and try to offer a smile to this intriguing group of people. There I stand in tropical paradise, a petite lass of fourteen. I don a printed sundress, colorful beaded jewelry, and a dying hibiscus flower in my tangled, wavy hair.

        All I can manage is a pathetic “Hi.”

        “What’s your name?” one of them asks.

        “I am SaveTheUnicorns,” I respond, my voice trembling.

         Soon, they all introduce themselves, and I become a bit less wary. One boy introduces himself as Thor. What a unique name, I muse.

        “We all came to my house,” he says, pointing to a dwelling fairly close to the small beach.

        “And now we’re going on a marvelous adventure!” a second random girl declares, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

        “We’d fancy you to come along,” another boy says to me. He has an English accent and wears square glasses.

        Finally, a genuine smile makes its way across my face. “I don’t see why not,” I reply.

        The group looks pleased. “Alrighty, then!” Thor declares.

        I don’t know how I got washed up on the shore, or what today may hold, but right now, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.      

The End

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