Anna... and a window??

Bored of wandering mindlessly through writing my own thoughts, confusing and dull as they are, I stumble across a house. Not your normal roleplay me thinks. I should know, I created the longest roleplay and story on Protagonize, however the Protagonize Bus just like a real one threw me off as soon as I let go for a couple of seconds. Steadily I stood up, brushed the gravel from my jeans and carried on some spin offs and my own love story, Now I find my self postulating on which entrance to take for this particular place.

Theres an open window and doors are so boring. So in I climb. A few people are already in here and look rather bemused at why a fifteen year old girl has just squeezed in the window.

"Good Morning." I politly declare to the stunned people opposite. I don't recognise one of them, although I do recognise one of them has a game of Blockus out, its always nice to make new relations but slightly daunting when people are unaware of your quirks. I belive all Protagonists have quirks, its just who we are.

So here I stand, Brown eyes, blonde/brown hair gently swishing in the breeze coming through the window. I-pod in as always, prehaps they are staring because my headphones were pulled out and pirate metal is now blasting around the room. Calmly I manage to shove the plug back in and the music returns to my ears only, obedient as a well trained dog.

They look rather expectant, yet the only phrase I can seem to manage is "I'm not a metal head by the way." Will anyone save me from the pit of embarrasment I'm digging. When I get too far into the hole I just keep digging till to reach the other side of the world. Wheres one of those anoying people who say "moving on swiftly" when you need one? 

The End

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