I glanced up as thor came down the stairs.  "Hi thor!" I said, then countinued my conversation with lynn, which had somehow evolved from bubble wrap to how stores spray paint oranges orange. Some one opened the door, and I looked up. It was a girl, maybe ten or eleven years old, and she said her name was Aj. I also greeted her, then, losing my track of thought, suddenly had a semi not really briliant ideal (just to let you know, I know that is not the correct term, but idea just sounds like an unfinished to me, anyway, back to the story.) So I had this ideal just bursting out of me, and I just could'nt hold it back. "Yay!!! now there is enough people to play a serious game of Monopoly!!!" I then burst out laughing for no apparent reason, and I smiled, wondering if anyone else was going to come through the door.

The End

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