Well, I was walking along when I came to this house. I mean it was a really COOL house. cool enough to get my nose out of a book. So I opend the door and stuck my 13 year-old blonde haired head inside.  My eyes (which happen to be brown with a hint of hazzel.) glanced around  the room. Some one I happend to know was sitting on the couch. So I began a conversation with her about the immportance of bubble wrap to the Nation's bunny rabbits. As you can tell, I am EXTREAMLY random, and like to laugh at my self.  I also like to counfuse myself and others. Now, Talking to Lynn at a mile a minute, you would thik I would constantly get in trouble for talking in school, but not so. I am super shy and really only talk to people I know really good. In fact, one time someone said I was quieter than a mouse. I just prefer to listen more than I do to talk. So after finishing my conversation with lynn, I read the last few pages of my chapter book, the second one I have read to day. (I can read a Harry-Potter sized book in a day.)  And then lynn started to talk to me again.     

The End

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