Your Own Little Mini Me

This is a role-play, although hopefully not "just another role-play" the difference is that in this one, you don't get to pick you character, but you get to be yourself.

Hello.  This is place of Mini Me's, and is the funnest place you will ever go.  This is a roleplay, but in this roleplay, you don't make a character.

You write as yourself.

You should not use your real name, but the name on your profile.  We will start off in a house, all of us getting here because we have no where else to go.  Once we have enough people, I will begin our journey.  Anyone joining in after that, will join in on our way to wharever are going.

Things you need to know, not rules.  (Not rules because this place has no rules.)

You are yourself, and your own age.  You may write in first person, which I would recomend because your writing about your own mini me, or third person if you perfer.  And If you don't feel right giving out your age, then thats ok, don't join this story.  Please, don't say that you are a writer, we all know that we our, and also, don't make yourself too powerfull.  I'm not saying that you all arn't, but it seems to me that in most roleplays, it gets kind of out of hand, and the characters suddenly get super powers, and they can destroy anyone.  Not that you'll give yourself super powers, but you know what I mean.

Also, no double posting or more then one chapter at a time.  Please.  if you feel that there was more that you needed to say, just go back and edit the chapter, adding on whatever else you want to.

Most important, have fun.  Be yourself.  Literally!  And no Mature content.

The End

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