xkatieshepherd: my mini bio

First name: Katie {obviously}

Last name: Shepherd {even more obvious}

Age: 16!

Date of birth: 18th August 94

Appearance: Well, I'm roughly 5 foot 6. I have shoulder length reddy-brown hair which isn't my natural colour cos I like to dye it! My natural one was dark brown, but atm it's a kind of faded red/brown colour. I have hazel-greenish eyes that turn lighter in the sun, they have unfortunately been compared to the Cullen's golden eyes. yay for me... my most distinguishing feature would probably be the surface piercing I have on my wrist. woot for individuality. I don't really have a set fashion type, I just wear what I like and think looks good. 

About me: I'm a tad obsessed with LJ Smith + The Vampire Diaries (both TV show and books). I love reading and writing (duh) and am most happy with my nose in a book (not literally). 

Important changes and things in your life: gosh I don't really have any if I'm being honest... Urm. Well, when I got my first job and started earning money that was important to me cos I got to spend it (Y) 

Other: If you're curious about me (unlikely) look on my profile, there's more there. (:

The End

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