katana aka maria

hey im maria, I'm locally known as xKatanaXIV , im 15, I'm from canada and obviously a writer.

i am

Welll i could be a lot of things, but let's say I'm a girl, 15. five-five, red-auburn hair (which is the one color nobody can dye. I love my hair. It's my one huge vanity), greenish-hazelish-with-brown-speckles-inside eyes, with a passion for writing, music, air cadets, facebook and Protag. I also have about 6,500,490.0034 freckles (and counting!), and I BURN. seriously, I cannot tan. I am also incapable of lying.

i write

fiction, fan fiction, sci-fi, descriptive moments, poetry, and the occaisional song for the band I'm in, a race to escape.

i like

book-wise, i read sci-fi, romance, adventure. but NOT vampire books. I hate vampires. Sorry twilight fans. No kindred spirits here when it comes to vampires.

music-wise, i like lots of stuff. rock, hard rock, the occaisional pop song, techno, christan music, or whatever I'm in the mood for. i listen to a lot of skillet, evanescence, three days grace, starfield and lecrae. one of my all-time favourites is Outrage by capital lights. Another is Grey by barlow girl.

anything-else-wise, i love to read, hang with my friends, at youth group, etc. I'm also homeschooled, which means i have more time to write then most teenagers, which usually makes my day.

Some of my favourite movies are the Ice Age movies, She's The Man, Robin Hood, Cars and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Yes. I said it. I like the movie cars.

I've also never been on a date, or done anything romantic. yet i know a lot more about guys and romance then most of my friends (i say most and not all for a reason), which i think is really odd.

i don't

judge people. i may avoid people, but i don't judge them. Leave that to the general popluace. Or lie. I'm actually incapable of telling a decent lie.

become insulted from an insult without cross-examining it and seeing whether it's truly an insult, or just plain dumb. If it's a ridiculous or un-though-out insult i will make fun of it. i know it's weird, but I do weight the quality of insults as to what they are. Knowing lots of long words helps, not just swear words. What is the point of swear words anyway?

and that's pretty much it. . . .

Yeah, so you've met me. Maria.  a not-too-obvious redhead from canada, with an interesting personality, writing her bio. I love music, writing, reading, hanging with my friends and making fun of insults. I dislike vampires and judging people. I'm in a band. I'm a generally nice person,  going from boring to intersting to bouncing-off-the-walls-hyper-active to romantic at any given moment, and that's my bio.

The End

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