OK then so here goes.

My name is Charlotte and I'm sixteen years old.  I was born in August so I am the youngest in my year :( which is really depressing now everyone has started to learn to drive.

I look like the kind of person you would see in a crowd but not really notice.  I'm average height, perhaps a little taller with caramelly (so my friends tell me) coloured hair which I would describe as somewhere between brunette and blonde.  I'm never sure what colour my eyes are as they always seem to be changing but I think at the moment they are a kind of hazelly colour.  My most noticeable feature has to be my glasses which I can't see without.

As to fashion sense I don't have much.  Because I have an... 'awkward' shaped body I don't fit in with many trends so I wear what I like and whatever feels comfortable.  Go individuality!

About me... hmm.  Well I try to be a nice person but unfortunately suffer from very violent mood swings and stress, so you do not want to be one of the school lockers when I get mad!  Apart from that I can safely say I am a music freak.  I love my iPod and it is my baby, I go no-where without it.  I listen to what my mum calls, an eclectic mix of music styles, so that's just about everything from Muse, Paramore and Counting Crows, to Debussy, Gilbert and Sullivan and Wagner.  I'm also in love with musicals.  If my career as a best selling writer doesn't go to plan, then I'll try and get a job as a chorus member in a London show.  Yeah... I think I'll need a lot of luck with that!  I also love to play music and have taken grades in flute, piano and singing and am currently woring towards my grade 8 in singing, much stress and worry!

I also love reading, mostly supernatural, romantic or adventure type fiction, and watching movies in the same sort of genre.

Not sure what else to say about me really, just thank you for reading my bio and hope to chat with you soon!

The End

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