First Name: Lucy

Last Name: ?????

Age: 14

Date of Birth: 12th December 1995 (WoooHooo!!)

Apperance: Short dark brown hair with hints of natural ginger. Cut short below jaw, layered with side fringe. Light eyes mainly blue but with hints of green and grey. High cheek bones. Tall about 5"6. Not thin but Not chubby.

About Me: I'm an Emo but mainly people only see my happy side unless I'm really down.  I'm apparently too kind for my own good and like helping people through their problems.
I enjoy reading and writing LOADS!! (One reason I came on here) I also love Music but I don't just have one favorite type. I enjoy everytype of music. I also enjoy a good film. Action, fantasy, comedy (My dad raised me into most of these things). I also really enjoy Rollercoasters and exciting fair rides. I actually find haunted house that make adults scream funny. (Don't ask me why)

Important Changes and things in my life: Ummm, nothing really that important......

Other: I have two kittens called Tigger and Cookie. They are soooo cute!

The End

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