Megz Johnson

First name: Megan.


Last name: Johnson.


Age: fifteen tomorrow :)


Appearance: I have waist-length curly auburn hair, once cut short in a rebellious stage when I was eleven. I have high cheekbones which look good, I guess. My eyes are a sort of greeny blue colour. They're often out of focus, especially when I'm day-dreaming. I have a small snub nose and lots of freckles. I am thin-ish, but tall, and my legs have always been long. I don't tan easily (typical read-head, I know). I normally have a black hat, leather leggings and a baggy t-shirt on. Oh, and a book is always somewhere near xD


About Me: I love Paramore and Nickleback, but I'm open to pretty much any kind of music, unless its Cheryl Cole. No offence, but she really can't sing.

I'm the same with books. I have my favourites but I'm not picky. Apart from with Classics. The only ones I can bear to read are fantasies...Like Lord of the Rings...(which I'm watching right now. I know, total traitor of the book-obsessed race, but its really good!) o.O

I live in Wales but I'm English at heart. Born and bred and all that...


Other: I'm completely obsessed with Pirates of the Carribean, and I randomly quote it to see if people understand me. 

(they never do)


Thanks for sticking through this, or just reading to the end, whatever. :)




The End

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