Me, Myself and I

Hello to any of you who bother to read this, my name is Kiri.

Yup I know, I know, it’s a strange name but I’ve kind of got used to it, I’ve been stuck with it for sixteen years and six months. So yes that would make me sixteen and six months (ish).

The name Kiri may ring bells if you live in or have ever visited France, you are correct in thinking it is that weird processed French cheese which tastes a bit like Dairylea. But after researching (because I’m cool) I found that its meaning is quite funny, starting first with Maori (Slight history lesson for you now, the Maori are the native New Zealanders. They also inhabit Polynesia which is above New Zealand and the Maori tribe name means ‘Normal’ ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Natural,’ which obviously doesn’t have anything to do with the name Kiri, because Kiri is far from an ordinary or normal name.) Anyway the Maori think my names means ‘Tree Bark.’ Oh yes, let the jealousy ride in, I’m named after Tree Bark!
Next is the Cambodian meaning, Mountain, I prefer this one, it sounds better than bark. Still not great though…

Anyway, now you know everything about the name Kiri, you’ll be surprised to hear that my kind parents have tagged another name on the end of it to create a whole new (made-up of course) name. (Which I’m not going to tell you for embarrassment’s sake) I’ll just say that the other half of my name means ‘Favoured Grace.’
So would that make my name literally mean Tree Bark Favoured Grace, or Mountain Favoured Grace. I prefer Favoured Grace Mountain….

Next what I look like. Looking in the mirror now I see myself, (obviously, I’m not a vampire!) and I have brown eyes which are quite big, this isn’t good because I always get bugs in them which hurts, once I got a seed stuck in my eye, it was stuck there and they had to numb my eye and remove it, fun times….
I have brown curly hair which is down just below to my shoulders, by saying curly hair I mean loose ringlets not a ball of frizz (which it is sometimes) or those tight ringlets which you can never straighten get out. People always think I curl my hair but I don’t. I have a fringe which I am growing out, so basically at the moment it is a side fringe down to my nose :P I have a few freckles which sort of explode in the sun and a normal sized nose with pinkish lips.
I’m 5 foot 5, which is a good size I decided, I have a really tall friend who towers above all the boys, I’m smaller than pretty much all of them but who really wants to be taller than their boyfriend?

I go to school and am currently doing my GCSE’s. I play in my school sports teams which change every term from hockey to netball to rounders; I also play some tennis, badminton, football, cricket, swim, and run. I live in small village, which if I told you the name of you could come and find me easily because there are like five houses. So I’m not going to. It’s in England and not near the sea which sucks…
I like writing, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing all this writing and so read some of my work (if you want.)
I have two chickens, Daisy and Maisy. A cat, Sooty and two sisters, Emily and Rosie.
I like drama. I like food. I like my friends. I like TV. I like music. I believe in God. I like my phone. I like riding my bike. I like animals. I like sport. I like the countryside. I like going for walks. I like imagining things which are far more exciting than my life. I like flowers. I like pretty things.

OOOOO. I almost forgot my birthday is December the Twelfth. So in 2012, my birthday will be 12/12/12. Woop woop!

Okay I’m going to sign off now; I’ve spent far too much time talking about myself, which I don’t normally do actually. Better get back to my school work… joy!
Have a nice day :D

The End

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