Phill Charn

First name: Phill

last: Charn (duh)

DoB:  1990 , sept, 8


Soft blond hair reaching down a little past my eyes, and it is majorly messy. , orange eyes , I'm pretty musular , about 5 foot 11 , and I have rather broad shoulders and intimating appearance. I wear a black military material jacket without all the insingnia , and  I always carry two thick claymores that scrape against the the ground, and a large relvolver in my right leg.

About me:

I'm a level 5 soldier in city of Blatinia ( a vey prestigiouse and powerful posistion for one to acheive, only the very skilled , and talented can acheive a posistion so high.) however I quit for a more interesting job with my new boss , and good friend Shard Decloke.  My job is rather simple , I either sit around waiting for hire , or I'm out bounty hunting, killing beasts , or destroying evil, and get payed damm well. I like heavey metal music of most kinds, I'm seriouse half the time and willing to fight anyone stupid enough to ask. Some consider me cocky other self centered. I don't care as long you respect me.

Important changes in my life:

When my family was chased away from our village and a level 4 soldeir saved our lives , and taught me how to fight, when I killed a Stilltar on my own ( a cybernetic being able to manipulate magic and wield variouse weapons) and  was instantly promoted to second level soldier.  Currently chasing after a evil god like being named  Trilcore.

A chapter from my life ( fighting the stilltar.)

The sand burst open and suddenly we are surrounded by weaopn fire and the blasts of magic killing my fellow refugees , and they begin to run frantically. I stood to my feet and took cover as I unsheath my Katana that I was given to protect myself while casting a flame spell in my hand. I charge forwards as a soldier falls , a stilltar stands a large broadsword that probaly wieghed an absolute ton stood with a canon attatched to his arm. For a moment all courage shrivels away, but I see my freinds and fellow homeless people , and family laying dead on the ground. The anger builds up inside me I charge forwards. It shoots a large green glob of burning plasma I counter with the flames spell , the two things explode on contact, the broadswords smashes onto the ground shaking it, I barely miss it and still keeping going, I jump up using magic and slice down hard onto its shoulder, I cut deeply but the Katana shatters on impact I fly backwards , crashing into the sand. 

The cybernetic being shoots , there was nothing I can do but take the hit, and wince pain as the plasma burns at me , I push it away with magic. I was going to die if I didn't find a weapon soon. It shoots agian laughing away , as it enjoyed the thrill of the desperation coming from its prey. I dodge the hit , and scan the ground , for anything. The sand seemed to swallow anything but , from the absence of everything I saw two swords sticking into the ground like some corny movie. I run as fast as possible dodging the blast of plasma, making the sand turn to glass. I don't look back , and press forward. I blast nails me in the back, I hit the ground screaming in pain my clothing completely singed and burn. My world darkens a bit, I can't stop here though. I have to live , to avenge my people!  I start to a crawl scrambling to my knees, forcing the world to come back to me.

I hear a shot , the two swords just only a hand length away , it hits again, I stumble forwards surprised , I don't have a hole in me yet. With whatever magic I have left I remove the plasma , and pull the two swords out of the ground, and turn to meet the enemy. I wasn't going be afraid anymore, I was going to win, and I will win until my people have been avenged and accepted, I was never going to hold back, ever!   He fires I slice down with my left hand the plasma sticking to the sword having no effect what so ever. I run forwards rapidly, dodging shots and chop the canon off the bastard. He slices down with the great broadsword I block and push up swinging the two obsurdly long swords in a frenzy. A sort of energy building up , in a violent storm,   The two blade slam against the armour and slice through like butter. The stilltar begins to bleed heavily but not near death yet. He swipes up with the greath broadsword I block but slide back a distance. The energy still building up,  I jump up in a beautiful arc the two swords a perfect part of me. I flip and scream down onto the beast,  he raise the sword to block, I slam into the energy releases and the blade is incenerated from the blast. I continue to cut down slicing him in half.

I'am the last beast of Zi'l Kaida.


( This obviously completely fictional. In a fantasy world that me and my friend are writing up.)



The End

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