Remembering the Symphony

First Name:  London (no joke..I know)

Age: legal to drink in most countries so that could be anywhere from 18+, though could also be 16.  Either way, I'm an adult in all countries, so that knocks off 16-17, though 18+ is still correct.

DOB: Feb. 3

Apperance: 5'4" blond hair, blue eyes athletic build mostly a jeans and t-shirt type of girl

About me: I love reading, writing, laughing, talking, eating, music, and running.  I dislike very few things. I love trying new things and meeting new people. I'm extremely impulsive. Sometimes, most of the time, my mouth has no filter which tends to get me in trouble. Most of my friends are guys and for some reason all my guy friends are older than me. My girl friends are all younger. I'm addicted to Real World/Road Rules challenges, trash tv I know, but it's my only bad habit so I think I'm doing good.

That's what you need to know about ForgottenxSymphony. 

The End

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