All About me TarynB323!!!

First name: Taryn

Last name: Baier

Age: 14

Date Of Birth: September 28, 1995 {09/28/95}

Appearance: Tall-ish, Dirty Blonde, Blue-ish Grey-ish Green-ish eyes. Sort of athletic :-/ I cheer does that count?

About me: To tell the truth and get the semi-bad things out of the way first I AM Bisexual and i can see ghosts. at first it started out as a mere interest but eventually i started to hear AND see Things that other people didnt therefore i learned i actually had the gift. Fortunetly almost all of my friends accept me for who i am. {thankfully} But on the bright side of the moon i love to sing and thanks to my choir teacher i now know how to properly use my voice. I am also trying to play the piano but i only know the first few keys of always be my baby. :-/ So thats my mini bio!

The End

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