Babyrhinos (behind the mask)

First Name: Anthony

DoB: 8/23

Appearance: I have dark brown hair, with blue eyes, that change to green on occasion. I am Caucasian. I am very skinny, you'd think I was anorexic (but I eat a LOT)!

About Me: I love writing stories (obviously)! I have an annoying brother, a sister who goes to a boarding school. She'll be off to college next year. No girlfriend, I wish though :D.

Important changes and things in your life: My parents divorced not too long ago. At first I didn't care, but as the months go by, it really gets to you. My laptop is extremely crucial to my daily life, I use it for EVERYTHING.

Other: I have a sort of sixth sense, where I can easily understand people.

Last Words: I'm not really that interesting, but I still think it's important to let people know a little bit about you. An author has to let people know who they are!

The End

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