A peek behind the mask

Name:  Michaela Rose

Age:  14

Date of Birth:  October 1st, 1995 (10/1/95)

Appearance:  Tall, blonde, blue eyes.  Not atheletic at all, but I have very strong fingers and hands from playing instruments.

About me:  I am KOOKOO for Music!!!  I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to become a classical guitarist when I grow up.  I am going to go to MIH (Music institute of Hollywood, California) and get a performance major.  My dream guitar is a Martin & Co. Dmx72 or a Taylor 400 series.  90% of my waking hours are spent playing some sort of instrument or writing.

Important changes and things in my life:  Well I really appriceate the fact that SOME of my friends (Taryn B, Lynne, Michelle) are willing to accept the changes that make me who I am.  Recently I just got detatched from my mom (legally, OMFG YAY!) and it is turning out to be the absolute best experience of my life.  Who knew foster parents could be so fun?

The End

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