Eye Catching! O.O

First Name: Chelsea 

Nicknames: Chels, Clank, Squeaks.

Last Name: Rickson

Date of Birth: October 5th, 1994

Appearance: Shoulder length sandy blond hair, bright blue eyes with a yellow ring on the inside. 5'10.

About Me!!: Nothing amazingly spectacular. I'm an actress on the side, as well as going to high school. Chilling with my friends and family. Living every day to the best of my ability, and speaking my mind!!

Important Changes & Things In My Life:    Biggest change, is now that I have a new step sister, step mother, step brother, and step father.

Meh, that stuff is boring, the biggest, best change in my life are my friends, I have two uber close ones. Shania and Rachel, they are amazing I love them so much. Shania might as well be my sister and Rachel was already there. =P

That's about it. LOL

The End

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