Just Me

Rosalie Morgan

That name up there? Yeah, that's all me. There's none other out there. I'm just an abnormal, free-thinking teenager in a simple minded world. I'm opinionated, but so what? That makes life interesting. I'm a quirky girl. I collect quotes. I wear glow-in-the-dark pants and knee-high converse. Everyone says I'm pretty, so I guess I must be. I don't feel that way most of the time, though. I want to help the people that deserve it, not the people that need it. I like writing poetry, and I attempt short stories.

Some recent changes in my life have to be my parents' divorce and my big brother being shipped overseas. Both have impacted me greatly, but have made me a stronger person. Another thing would have to be a lot of my friends, old and new, have started cutting themselves. I've made a list and it's up to 31. 

Other things you should know about me are: I have a unicorn named Skippy living in my right sock, I am an amateur photographer, I can drive a horse-drawn cart, jet ski, boat, train, airplane, and car, I volunteer just about everywhere in my community, and I have some of the best friends in the world.

Get to know me if you want :) I don't bite....hard.

The End

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