Hello fellow readers, and an even more hearty hello to those that love cherries. I am the princess representitive of Cherryland and whether you decide you want to believe that or not is absolutely up to you (most people don't, but it's always good to look on the bright side.. right?). 

You can never get enough cherries in Cherryland, there are lots of cherry trees, cherry blossom, cherry-pickers, and anything slightly related to cherries. Of course, we have two red suns that are connected by a green rainbow every day, lovely, huh?

I ate the golden cherry of Cherryland, which grows on the Golden Cherry Tree in the middle of the country, ten years ago. I am now immortal. To be honest, I do sort of feel sorry for the residents of Cherryland, having to stick with the same princess from birth till death. However, they'd be too engaged in eating cherries to notice.

My profile name : Cherrywrite. Doesn't that sound like I'm supposed to only write about cherries? Or maybe I should be a cherry.... Good night to all that have actually read the whole of this nonsence. Well done!

The End

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