My Mini Bio- Verse47

First name: Will

Last name: I don't prefer to share that.

Age: Almost fifteen. 73 days. (but who's counting?)

Date of birth: The 3rd of August

Appearance: I am very very tall. I have long arms, which means I give amazing hugs. Or so I've been told. I have dark hair, but it's not black. And dark eyes. I am not tan, but I am not pale. It's kind of impossible to be when you live in Mississippi. Unless you're Sylvest.. That's different.

About Me: I like to complain and complain and complain and say "I can't!" Until low and behold, I find out "I can!"  -Ms. C3
Right now, I'm really only writing poetry. I guess I could write stories, I just haven't really tried. But I probably will soon. I am a musician. I play guitar. I love theater. I like school... sometimes.

Important Changes and Things in my Life: Well I'm going to high school next year, which I am rather excited about. Middle school has been kind of a drag for me. I am slowly but steadily becoming a poet, thanks to my teacher, C3Lady.

Other: Nothing that I can think of. Haha.

The End

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