I laugh in my sleep.

Name: Kalee

Last name: Andres

Age and birthday: 18, my birthday is December 30, 1991.  I never get gifts for my birthday because everyone is broke from Christmas- and yes, I'm bitter about it.

Appearance:  I have the appearance of someone with a chronic illness.  It's depressing.  My skin is very pale with a slight yellow tint and my arms are speckled with scars and bruises from one too many I.V.'s.  My hair was once a wonderful shade of golden auburn, but has since faded to a very thin mousey brown.  It's falling out so quickly that I'm thinking about shaving it soon.  I've always wanted to do that anyway.  I lose and gain weight so quickly due to medications, I can't really tell you how my body looks.  I'll just say I'm at the thinner end of average at the moment.  My eyes are brownish green- more green than brown while they're blood shot from lack of sleep.  Otherwise-  I have a pretty great style.  I'm an art student with interest in fashion so a lot of my clothes I've constructed myself.

About me: I don't consider myself a very interesting person.  I love writing (obviously), art, philosophy, biology and a wide variety of other subjects.  A serious love for them, to the point where I have boxes upon boxes full of books that I've read on each subject.  I collect old dictionaries.  It's kind of funny to see how the definition of naughty words change over time.  My dream in life is to have an alpaca farm and make my own textiles from the fur...oh, and to be cured of Crohn's and Addison's diseases- but that's less likely to happen.  I suffer from both ailments and it's a big part of my life right now, I was just diagnosed within the last year with both.  It's been a struggle.  Thankfully I have the best boyfriend on the planet.  I call him Bumblebear and sometimes his given name: Michael.  We've been together for three years now.  We'll be married after I get kicked off my parents insurance- he can't afford me right now :).

Life Changing Moments: Being diagnosed with the diseases has to be the biggest thing that's ever happened in my life.  It's taught me so much.  I used to be a perfectionist to a huge fault...to the point where I would become suicidally depressed for not achieving as close to perfection as possible on a project.  Now, I understand that I can't control everything.  A very hard lesson to learn but this is really the only way I could have grasped that.  My first hospitalization changed how serious I was about the Crohn's disease.  I nearly died from a perforation of my small intestine.  I will always be grateful for any healthy moment I have.


If there's anything about the life I had before that I miss- it's the ice cream and popcorn that I can't eat now.  :)

((hugs everyone))

The End

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