Katrina "the Lamia" Payne: Full Metal Harlot

First name: Catalina

Last name: Payne

Age: 26

Date of birth: Septembre 5th


Long full rich brown hair with a slight curl to it. Legs that go all the way up and make a fine ass of themselves. Thin waist--due a ridiculously huge metabolism. Flat chest. Slightly interesting hips.

I dunno--considering my fursona is a snake girl, it is kind of odd that my best quality are my legs and ass.

Generally short in height. But normally wearing high healed boots, that always get me compliments (apparently I have good taste in boots).

clothing tends to include really tight genes--the kind that can allow you to read the year on any coins in my pockets. Or average length miniskirts or sometimes a pair of 00 sized short shorts. Tiny enough that my pants size is a woman's 3 (5 if it is a boot leg cut) and leggings and shorts size are 00. Which I kind of find nuts, as 12 years ago, I had a 36" waist line--and somehow I am sill shrinking into an even more skrawny type stature.

I am willing to accept any donations of liposuctioned fat, so that my body may consist of something other than bones with a light skin graft applied >.>'

Also--I still have no idea how I can STILL walk into a Junior High School and be mistaken for one of he students that attend there--or, if it is a smaller school, I will be asked if I transfered over from another Junior High... the idea that I just validate the idea of Dawson's Casting horrifies me.

About The Harlot:

I am THE Harlot. Generally I have given up being prim and proper a long time ago--and just started being myself. And well--started enjoying life.

I will generally speak my mind on any situation. If I have an opinion, I will say it. I am not shy of giving anybody a size able chunk of my mind. If something is bothering me, you will know.

However, if I have nothing to say on a topic, I will not say anything. As I do not talk to hear the sound of my own voice (which I view as the worst sounding monstrocity out there). I talk to give out my mind--or just to entertain.

I try to keep well read up in various mythologies, language constructs, psychological mindsets and absurdist philosophies.

A fan of literature of all kinds, though, I tend to prefer interpretive fiction to escapist fiction. Though give me a Punk Punk type book, and you have me hooked most times.

Important changes and things in your life:

  • I was homeless for seven years
  • Independence is very important to me
  • Love is a requirement to me
  • I need music. Just like people need food, oxygen and water--due to me being raised to always have music playing in the background, it feels weird when there is no music.
  • My desire to improve the world. Leave a good size able mark of stuff I have added into the world.
  • Chaos is something I need to live thrive and survive.


Please, more Rat Shorbet.

The End

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