A Hopeless Romantic? Yeh, you can call me that. ^_^

Full name: Beatrice Ann Maria Manuel.  I consider my loong and boring name very old fashioned. I mean, my parents could've named me Isabella or Evangelina or something!! But seriously, Beatrice Ann Maria?? It sounds kinda old fashioned...well it is old fashioned. At least it is for me.

Age: Just about a month ago on April 19th, I officially became a teenager! I am now 13 years old with already a lot of drama in my life which i do NOT want to deal with. :D

Appearence: around 5 feet tall, long black hair, usually wears tomboyish clothes, dark dark brown eyes that i used to think were black when i was a kid, and...hmm...thats pretty much it!

About me: People consider me a tomboy by the way I act...but I can be a bit girly once in a while. :P I get moody quite a lot but not without a reason. I'm an emo kid..I love music and once I even started crying over a song called "Lost Without You" just because I thought the lyrics were sad...I love singing and dancing but believe me, don't dance the waltz with me unless you want to get your foot stepped on and heavily bruised. :D I can be a loner at times and in my usual group of friends, i don't talk much so some of them consider me the "outsider". I have a special place where I go whenever I need time to think or just need to be alone. Not many people know it but only my closest friends do...what else? I can be  quite a freak and random person. Sometimes when I'm really hyper, i yell random things at people i don't even know which makes me look retarded. But for one...the ONE thing that really defines my personality.

BEING ROMANTIC!! I'm a complete romanticist. I love romance novels, romance songs, romance movies, etc.I get really dreamy sometimes. And believe me, being romantic is not really a tomboyish trait. So...I guess that means I'm a mix of everything! Oh yeah! I also like playing sports.

OOPS! Gotta go now! I was typing in this computer class cause I had finished my work and had nothing else to do. ^_^ So I'll probably write a continuation chapter about my weirdo life!! ^_^





The End

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