Alipix: I don't really remember


First name: Alanna 'Alli' Caragh


Last name: Fallon


Nicknames: Alli, Pixie, Pixiefoot, Lu, Lanie, Scarecrette, Charmander, Chamey and a few others.


Age: 18


Date of birth: 23rd of January 1992


Appearance: I have been described as a chameleon before. My hair hasn’t been it’s natural colour in six years. At the moment it is a mixture of green, red, orange, white and brown/black. Yes I know, I can’t decide on colour, I’ve never been able to.

Originally my hair colour would be described as ‘flaming red head’. No I am not “ginger” I am a red head, my hair glows a soft coppery colour with blonde streaks in the summer and when the sunlight hits it it’s like a torch, glowing a firey red. In the winter my hair fades to a sort or dirty blonde or very light brown.

My skin is unbelievably pale at the moment. I haven’t had the opportunity to be out of doors for quite some time. I guess you could say it’s because of illness, but I wont go too deep into that just yet. When I do get a bit of a tan, it can stay for up to 8 months. But right now I’m as pale as Daz white sheets.

I  like to remain a complete mystery. Therefore I refrain from staying with the same look for longer then about three or four months. My eyes are forever a mystery, even to myself. I used to wear coloured contact lenses, my eyes have been yellow, purple, completely black and even the colour of the twilight vampires eyes, that amber glow. My real eye colour depends on both the weather and my mood. It could be blue, could be green, then again people have told me that my eyes are grey. I’m not one to judge really. All I know is when I’m happy, they go a pale greeny grey colour.

I like being happy.


About me: I am 5ft8 or thereabouts. I’m 18 years old but I feel like I’m already in my twenties. My life could be described as complicated.

I was never the average teenager. I didn’t sneak out to go binge drinking with my friends because I was allowed to drink from when I was 12 years old. My parents allowed me a glass of wine with my dinner and then sometimes a beer or cider. Because of that I never saw the point in going out because I didn’t get the thrill that all my friends did by feeling they were rebelling against their parents. For me, the few times I did go out (and obviously we always got caught) they ended up almost in tears at the thought of their parents reactions, whereas I went home and Mam and Dad looked at me “Drink Much?” “No not really. Don’t see the point.” and they would share a secret smile that I didn’t understand at the time, but I understand it now. My parents were proud of me. I never ended up in hospital getting my stomach pumped, I never came home drunk, and I was the person everyone wanted at their party because I made sure that everyone else was ok and that the really drunk people got home ok. My friends used to call me a home girl

Rebel? Ha! They knew nothing about rebelling!

I could have been the most rebellious teenager that the world had seen in years, but I chose not to be. I preferred to doss around the place on my Katana and did so quite happily until I crashed it. That was the day that everything changed I guess. As far as my parents are concerned, I never had a bike, never rode a bike, never ever came within contact with one. In the space of five minutes my life changed completely thanks to a misalignment and gravel on the road.

Flying isn’t so fun when you’re headed in the path of a tree. Miraculously, I didn’t break my neck….But my head would never be the same again.

I egg shelled my helmet and caused damage to certain parts of my brain. I don’t really know what exactly. The problem is I can never remember. I don’t remember much about the accident, or the hospital.

I know that my dad didn’t call an ambulance, because I got up and started walking around. The thing that made him order me into the car and drive me to the hospital was the state of the helmet that I couldn’t remove from my head, and also the state of the bike that I had crashed.

Apparently I shouldn’t have survived.

I’m just upset that I can’t remember things. It’s quite annoying actually. I could be talking to someone and all of a sudden after a brief pause in conversation, I find that I’ve forgotten what we were talking about.

I don’t tell people much about it, it’s not something I particularly enjoy discussing, or having people know… They automatically treat me differently.


Important changes and things in your life: I found Protagonize a year ago and I lurked for a while before I created a profile. I never dreamed I would be so at home here, it’s more then anything I could ever have hoped for in a writing community. Everyone is just so thoughtful and encouraging.

To be featured was an amazing thing, it never ever occurred to me that I could be the featured author on such a fantastic site full of people with tonnes more talent then I have.

I created a character called Scarecrow and he is quite something now I must say. He works like a machine when he’s on a mission, no emotion, animal instinct, kill everything in sight…But in reality he‘s got a heart of gold and he does want to get along with people, he‘s just lonely, and used to solitude, so he finds it hard to talk about things, thus making him somewhat of an enigma.

I had a bit of a shock the other day when I went to meet a friend. I was standing at the top of the lane just beside the main road when a bike roared past me and then suddenly pulled in. He hopped off the bike, all dressed in black, and pulled off his helmet to grin at me as his hair stuck up in spikey tufts. He has an amazing smile, but that’s not what made my heart speed up. I stood there for a second looking at him and thinking. “Oh my dear lord…. I have just found one of the few Scarecrow West’s in the world.” They actually do exist! I’m telling you guys… he’s a lovely guy, he really is… great looks, great personality, so kind and caring…but he looked totally bad ass at that moment and I was in so much awe it was almost painful.

I only know of one other person in the world so far like Scarecrow West other then my friend. That person is me. I am what people call an enigma. I come across as a bit of a loner to people who don’t know me, but in reality I have quite a few friends. Friends that I would die for if the need arose. I love them almost as much as family.

My friends are like my own personal handpicked SCIT team. Anyone who’s been following the series here on Protag will know what I mean.

Cozy little family.


Other: Well If I continue writing about myself you’ll end up bored to death and I’ll end up with a novel on my hands and no more enigma. So while I have plenty more to say about myself I’ll leave it at that. This sure has been an interesting chemistry class for me.

The End

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