Me, Just Me

WARNING: The following is most likely to be long, boring, and completely off the point of anything. ENJOY!

Full Name: Emily Autumn Mariah McGlashan

Age: 13

Date of Birth: 22nd April 1997

Appearance: Brown, curly hair to middle of back, however normally worn in a ponytail-ish thing due to the fact that I can't actually get a brush through it. On the short side of average (all - and I mean all - of my friends are taller than me. Except Flora and Amy. OK, that's not all. Argh! You know what I mean!). Very dark brown, almost black eyes.

About Me: I can control time! No, I don't, but I'd love to! That's kinda like my power. I always give my characters that power if they have one. I enjoy reading. A lot. I stay up until Stupid-oClock trying to finish the book I'm reading. It's mainly because I keep telling myself that I'm 'just gonna finish this chapter' and then 'one more chapter can't hurt'. And I love writing (but not if it's a long-and-boring-and-not-in-my-style English project). I spend most of my spare time on Protag.

Important changes in my life: When my granddad died, that was a major thing for me. When my mum bought me my first violin. Now I'm on Grade 2. When my mum got me into King Teds! She had to appeal because we live seven miles away and I'm the eldest of me and my sisters.

Other: I'm having someone from Germany stay over in a little while! She's called Despina. (today is the 10th May 2010, for future reference).



The End

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