My Mini Bio

Who am I? Why, that's a good question. We could go on technical terms: a human being, a citizen, a student, a sibling, an offspring, a friend. Someone with some sort of responsibility somewhere.

Poetic? Heh, we can give it a try:

A road finished only half-way,

That knows where its going for the most part,

It just hopes to reach that place someday,

So that eventually it can play its part.  (At least it rhymes.)

Maybe we should go by what other people have said: "....i'm not even going to say anything to that..." "Thanks, you're a doll!" "Are you two related?" "Good job!" "Seriously?" "Yeperdoodles!" "Not really..." "You worry waaay too much" "You win the 'okey-dokey' award!" "Don't forget, your my hero" "You're so weird!" "Love ya!" "You're like a dragonfly or something!" "You're 'special' huh? Well are you special enough to spit out your gum?" "Whatcha doin?" "Should I ask?" "I'll bet if I just said your name it could be a joke in and of itself." "You know, your named after someone very special." "What did you say? I can't hear you." "Shh...we can hear from clear in the other room." "You should marry my little brother!" "You don't seem the type..."  "I would say something, but i'll be nice..."

Nah, too contradicting. Nicknames perhaps? Dolly, OJ (orange juice), Ann, hey you!, airhead, cuz, (my friend's name), Pippin, blondie, fine feathery friend, luv...and the list goes on.

So who am I exactly? Do we have start this whole thing over again?

The End

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