Chloe aka Lady5Dilly

Well I'm Chloe and I'm fourteen.(Please note; This is all very boring)
I have light blue eyes but are dark sapphire blue round the rims. Very weird I know. Being very tall for my age I tower over nearly everybody else, well at six foot its kinda hard not too. Plus my brown hair is cut just below my shoulders with a fringe (I have a weird side parting call a cow lip), it doesn't really help when your trying to get on the bus with a child oyster card when you look sixteen. I don't ever wear make up accept for maybe a little lip gloss.
Fashion wise I like everything and everything from skirts to jeans to dresses but with everything I wear, my trust navy blue converse go wear I go, on my feet. I always have some colour on me weather it's a bright orange or a nice purple, my finger nails are either painted all red or all five on each hand are a different colour. I've learnt over the years to embrace my height and stand out rather then hide.

About me: I'm a generally happy person, and I cannot get my head around why people would go and see a depressing movie. Why people?! It just doesn't make sense.
I am an admitted geek, loving the sciences and technology, Im the type of person who walks into the Apple Store and wants to lick the giant screen of the Mac. Of course I don't though ( I haven't yet any way).
I play computer games but not ‘girlie' ones. I do like myself some blood and guts, playing Red Steel and stuff like that. One of my favourite series of movies are ‘The Transporter', They are pure awesomness.
I'm always listening to music whether it's the channels or my iPod. I listen to anything from Lady Gaga, to Paramore, Linkin Park, Beyonce, Colbie Callat, The Kooks, The Killers, to classical. But for some reason I never buy albums, only the song I like.
I'm not the person to be surrounded by people, even though I seem to be liked by everybody, I'm happy with my close knit of friends.

Has never had a boyfriend (there's a fun fact for ya)
Born on the last day of September, so that makes me a Libra.

Things I Like; Writing, fashion designing, music, dogs, biscuits, and imagination and creativity. Things that make you go ‘wow' and ‘I would never of thought of that!'

Important changes and things in your life: Well two years ago I became home schooled as I have a rare sleeping disorder, were I don't produce enough melatonin to make me go to sleep. That's why I'm on here most of the night.  

I think that's about it. :P 

The End

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