That's Me :)

Full name: Hayley Connie Chapman

Nicknames: H, Haze (ONLY BY FAMILY!!!!), Hazley, Toni, Chaperz

Age: 14

Date Of Birth: 3rd february 1996

Appearance: Shoulder length light blonde hair, blue eyes with bits of green and hazel in them, full lips, 5"6, light olive skin

About Me: erm... i love to write and act, can't live without my mates, can be violent, can be loud, i'm an observer, will say what i think most of the time, im a nightmare to get on the wrong side of, not good tobe aroundwhen i'm in a mood

Important changes in life: my best mate coming to my school, shes helped me through so much and made me laugh when i need it. things happening that makes me and my other best mate more open to each other.

Other: my life is normal even though i am totally not :) i like being different, itmakes life more interesting :)

The End

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