Chimerakiller2, Kevin

First name: Kevin

Last name: Rundle

Date of birth: Sept 3 1994

aged: 15


5 foot 6, darkning blond hair that will eventually turn black. Beautiful blue eyes , red cheeks ,broad shoulder , if actually worked out would be muscular. A tornado shaped scar on forhead.  Always wears jeans t shirt and when the weather is cold wears green, black, and white sweater.

About me:

I love skiing and biking , and hiking. I live in squamish british columbia canada. Which claims it is the recreation capital of Canada, I would doubt it is recreational we have Kayaking, kite boarding ,  the second biggest granite monolith in the world which people climb, a couple of small lakes, cross country skiing , hiking ,biking, white river kayaking, skateboarding, we just don't have a ski resort :(. But we live 45 minutes from whister or three coastal mountians grouse , cypress , and seymour. I make videos on youtube is eventually going to write full metal alchemist abridged , which shall be posted on youtube.  I was told I had natural writing skills in grade three and ever since pursued the dream of becoming a writer despite of fine motor skill issues not allowing to write properly with pen or pencil, I must use a computer at school :D.  I was a skiracer and never won anything however came to 15 and I'm a speed demon on the slopes of whistler. I have my level one instructors so I can teach people my love for skiing.

Pointless things about me.

Never engaged in seriouse relationship.

Is not sure how to ask a girl out the only time has ever had a date was because girl asked me out. ( Yeam I'm pretty pathetic)

Reason whys the above are realities is because squamish has nothing to offer in that department except that of whats already taken, the rest are drug, smoking , party idiots, ( Sorry for any squamish girls who aren't)

Considers self a loner on the inside wondering how he got there.

Broke head open at the age of three nearly breaking neck from biking on a bridge and hitting the railing at the bottom,

Broke left arm at four falling into bacement

broke right arm at 8 having a chicken fight on balancing beam

broke left collarbone at 12 biking in whister bike park

I break something every 4 years, 16 is coming up I'm wondering whats next.

The End

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