ImprintedHeart: my mini bio

First name: Joanna

Nickname: Jo

Last name: Williams

Age: 17

Date of birth:  4th July 1993 [American Independence Day]

Appearance: Quite a shortarse really i'm about 5 foot 4. I have blonde hair just past my shoulders which is my natural hair colour and I have blue eyes

About me: I am obsessed with Doctor Who and anything to do with doctor who, I have all the dvds of Doctor Who and my favorate Doctor is David Tennant. I love to read and of course write - have a wonder over to my profile and read some of my stories if your interested -

Important changes and things in your life: Hmmmmm I'm unsure about this one, For now i will say the birth of my little sisters [monsters really!]

Other: - have a read of my blog.    [note to self: must update blog more]

The End

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