Your hero

Well, this definitely does not have ot be a superhero who saved your life or something like that. I mean your rolemodel, or maybe somebody who has made a big impact on your life.

Well, I have many role models. The first would have to be my cousin Annelie. I don't think I've ever met somebody as nice and patient as her. I don't think I've ever met somebody who such a peacemaker either. I don't think I've ever seen her get into an argument. Or at least, not a yelling and screaming one. More like a debate. She gets along with me, something many people find it hard to do. Even if it's something she doesn't want to do, she will normally sacrifice what she wants to do so other people cna have fun. She is also very strong in the gospel. Sometimes, her testimony is what keeps me going. I honestly think I am who i am today because she showed me what to do.

Another one is my cousin Julianne. She is one of the older ones. She too has a very strong testimony. Because of that, she has decided ot leave her family for a year and a half to go serve the lord, teaching his word. That's right. She is serving an LDS mission. That is mainly why I look up ot her. She gave up most of her posessions and mooved ot a strange area so she can go teach her testimony to those willing ot hear it.

A third is actually mt fourth grade teacher. She put up with me no matter what. You see, I am apparently a very smart person. But in Fourth grade, i was a huge slacker. It's not that i didn't understand anything. I just didn't do it. So, I ended up being a straight D student all through fourth grade. But she saw my poetential, and she wouldn't rest until it showed ot everybody else. Because of her, i have become the student i am now. All honor's calsses, a straight a student. And it was all becuase of the determination of a teacher.

Last, but definitely least, is my Savio, Jesus Christ. I know I'm going very religous here. But I feel people should know what the LDS, ar as most people call us, mormons, believe in. I love the savior because he was willing to do everything. He was never mean. Her never once got angry. He bled from everypore while suffering for the sins of possible ancestors. He set the perfect example for us to live by. In the end, he even endured death by a cross, nails in his hands and feet and a crown of thorns on his head. And he did it all for us. That is why he is my role model.


Well, there's all my role models. If you odn't want ot go into depth with them, that's fine. You can just go right out and say who they are, and not give any explanation. This is just so people can share who they look up to if thye fell comfortable.

The End

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