The Picture in My Head

As I skimmed through this, my curiousity was heightened. I saw everything from believing in God to Mormon's. I don't have anything against Mormon's, just stating facts. When I look at my God, I don't see him as this "all powerful, mean, angry, dominating" God. I see him as someone who loves, and cares for me as a person. A God who has a plan for my life, who wants me to succeed. I see him as the father I lost. Quick overview of my personal testimony: I thought I had great parents and an amazing father. Until I was about 10 and they started fighting, and my Dad started throwing stuff. Things got massively messed up, and needless to say, the person I trusted the most let me down. My parents separated, and I don't see my Dad anymore. I didn't think I could trust anybody ever again. I knew there was a God, but he just didn't care enough to have a relationship with me. The pain became to great inside, I started self-harming. I reached a breaking point and I gave it up. I turned back to God, and asked him to deliver me. He showed me that he would be the perfect father to me. He would love me. He would save me. He had a plan for my life. He gave me a hope for the future. So as I read through this, I became sad at how many people distance themselves from God. God desires a personal relationship with everyone of his children! I know he is heart-broken at how many people don't believe in him, or have a totally different picture in their head of his character. So I don't know exactly what you guys were debating about, but I just wanted to stick in my two cents. Continue the fight. I would put in what I thought but I didn't quite understand where the conversation was going. But never doubt God has a plan and a purpose for you life. Never doubt he doesn't love you. You. Are. Loved. "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
The End

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