First off, i don't believe in God. Logic tells me He/She can't exist; there is no place for heaven or hell, and rising from the dead before an ascension into heaven is impossible.

However, that's not to say that there aren't a number of qualities expressed by all religions that contribute to a happier society - for example, in the Bible, "Jesus" taught his followers to "love your neighbour as yourself" which no-one can argue with. You don't have to believe in any kind of  a divine presence to be kind to one another.

All through my life i attended Catholic schools where i should have been inspired by the teachings i learnt about in RE to believe in God. In some ways, i'm sad to say that this didn't happen. In others, i am glad that i dont have faith. I dont need a God who will let me down by all these natural disasters, in Japan for example. I respect that people have faith and admire them for it, but i don't think i could ever hope to achieve the same level of committment to a person/presence that there is no proof of existence of.

There is an arguement i love from the Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy which basically says that God refuses to prove that He exists, because proof denies faith and without faith He is nothing. Man uses examples of desgin in the world such as DNA to prove that God exists and therefore by His own arguement, He doesn't. To me, this just backs up how vague and flimsy the arguement for Gods' existence is, and how we can never really know whether there is any kind of divine presence in the universe.

The End

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