From Thor to Sagan

There is nature; and then there is good and evil.

I think of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking as my personal saviours from a meaningless life of ignorance and servitude. Their books are the holiest of all and left me in awe of the Cosmos and the beauty in human thought.

But I wasn't always a true follower. It has been a long and arduous journey of self-discovery that began with the Norse Gods - splendid with all their whimsical insecurities. I never really liked the Greek or Roman Gods because they seemed to only be all about putting us humans in our rightful place. To end hubris was their ultimate goal, and I didn't particularily agree with that. This was something I found common in a lot of the newer Gods too. Like the Muslim, Jewish and Christian ones.

I never quite liked them, because they seemed to be a little too vague and often violent for my taste. I hated it when they went all Old Testament on the poor humans back in the old days.

The New Testament was less violent but a bit more vague, so now we have everyone arguing about what he meant and did not mean. I really think the Gods need to be less vague in their rules, considering they are supposed to represent the Universe.

This is why I loved the Hindu Gods - the Avatars of the Hindu trinity, the three aspects of the Universe which symbolize the entire circle of samsar: Brahma as creator, Vishnu as preserver or protector, and Shiva as destroyer or judge.There were no rules here, everything has a place in the universe. Good and evil are just sides of the same coin. Yin and Yang.

In the end it all boiled down the Cosmos. For even the Gods were just aspects of the Cosmos, the orderly harmonious systematic universe. And in my quest for the truth, I discovered Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, and I think I have now finally achieved a deeper understanding of life itself, and am on my way to a state of pure bliss or Nirvana.

But as we are on a story-telling site, I cannot end this without talking about my lesser favourite trickster Gods - Anansi.

I know that a long time ago there were no stories in the world. The Sky-God, Nyame, had them all. Nyama agreed to return them only if Anansi brought back back Onini the Python, Osebo the Leopard, the Mmoboro Hornets, and Mmoatia the dwarf. Anansi set about capturing these. Long story cut short, he actually succeeded. And when he did, he was rewarded with the stories. And so we really do owe a lot to him.

The End

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