My faith... <3

I am a Christian. My mum and Dad always said they were christian, and believed in God but never went to church. I was raised believing there was a God, and I called myself a Christian, but I didn't really understand.

When I was 12, my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. We later found that it was terminal, my confidence was already low due to the bullying I recieved at primary school, after finding out my dad was dying, it plummited. I began to feel worthless, and I felt like everyone must hate me, including God. I had to deal with this on top of having an Autistic brother, and Mum who has health problems so tires easily.

We started going to church later that year, and at first I was all for it, as I'd always encouraged my mum to take us to church when I was younger, however, I soon got tired of all the talk about some loving and amazing God, when he would allow me to suffer in this way. By this time, I had depression, and had begun self-harming.

We went to a Christian festival called New Wine. It was the same things 'God loves you' etc, and I was a bit sick of it. But at the same time, I was longing to be like all the people around me, so happy and filled with worship and adoration.

A woman came over, to pray for me, and as she prayed, I felt God's presence. I could literally feel God's hand on my shoulder, and I felt so filled with love and peace and joy, emotions I hadn't felt in so long.

In that moment, I knew God loved me. I still know it now, despite the suffering there is in my life. He loves me, and I love Him. I know how precious I am, and I won't believe the things people have told me anymore. I am perfect in His eyes, and so are you.

'I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.'

The End

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