My Belief Is...

I find it difficult to believe that God is limited with by human physical features and human emotions such as jealousy. I don't believe that he has a long white beard and robes and all of that stuff that medieval artists made up in their concept of God. I believe that God is rational, he/she has his/her own reasons for doing things, but at the same time he/she is so great he/she manages to balance ration with love and being omniscient knows when one outweighs the other.

For example, in relation to the argument of natural evil (earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides etc) I believe that they are for balancing out the ever growing population of the world and God created them in order for us to get enough food and water and carry on surviving longer than we already have. Not that I like that it happens, nor anyone else either. I think people are too quick to judge God on natural evil and not realise that if there were no natural disasters, we'd survive and survive and survive until eventually we'd die out from lack of resources, space and oxygen.

As you can see, earlier I referred to God as he/she. That's because I think that God doesn't have a gender, I believe that it's a form, a spirit greater than the whole universe made up of the omniscient, omnipotent features we know about Him/Her. Although in the bible it states he/she created Man first, that does not nessecarily suggest he/she is a man. The bible is open to interpretation as is the idea of God.

Overall, I believe that God IS the universe in which we all live. He's the part inside of us which tries to guide us on the right path, as opposed to Satan, which is the part inside of us which leads up down a bad path. He is karma, he is the Gods of Hindu and Chinese beliefs. He lives in everything, apart from free will. However, I believe that, as a bisexual some parts of the bible were written by people in a time that was less understanding to sexuality. And although I believe in God and Jesus and love them with all my heart, I cannot understand how God would distinguish between the love of a man and a woman and the love of a man and a man or a woman and a woman. You release exactly the same chemicals loving a woman as you do if you're straight and love a man. That is the only place where my faith faulters, so I try and stay away from the bible and listen to an untainted God instead.

The End

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