I Believe...

I am an unapologetic Christian. I believe in one God who created everything you see around you. One God in three parts, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I Believe that God is sovereign above all creation, and that he sent his Son, after the fullness of time, to die for our sins and be the perfect sacrifice. A pleasing aroma to God. Then, he rose again and ascended to the Father's right hand.

I Believe that every Christian is a New Creation, is a Son of God, is Elect, and has a New Heart.

I Believe that God sends his Spirit to live inside every Christian. Every Christian has the Holy Spirit... not all are filled.

I Believe in the ressurection of the Spirit. That after death, I will go to Heaven and live in the presence of God for all eternity.

I was not raised Christian. I was raised Agnostic, my mom never really knew what was going on. But, I never once doubted that there was a God, the trouble was which one was it. After five long years of searching for the truth, I finally found him in the last place that I would expect. Christianity.

I was saved, Sept. 2009. I was baptised, July 4, 2010. And I have never once looked back.

The End

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