Your biggest lie

Heve you ever lied? Or come up with a really good lie that would have made you look stupid? Or maybe it was the best lie you ever thought of, but you were too afraid to say it? Well, we all want to hear it. So, lie to us!!!!!

Well, I had a really  good idea when I came up with this exercise. But.. I forgot it. Ok, fine. That's a lie. I was once trying ot get out of my P.E. Class. So, I brought one of those Ace bandages to school, wrapped my ankle in it, and told my teacher I had twisted my ankle. And, at first, he fell for it. But then, I was goofing of with my friend. AT first, we were just sitting down. Then, she took my book. So, we started chasing each other around for it. And she's much taller than me. So, I was jumping up and down trying to reach it. And then, my teacher walked into the room we were in.He saw me running around and said: "If you're ankle is well enough for you to be paying hopscotch with it, then it's good enough for P.E. Class." So, I got busted. There's my story. Now where's yours?????????

The End

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