Your biggest fear

Well, the title kindof explains it all. YOU write about your biggest fear. YO udon't really have to explain it. For example, I'm writing mine in first person, my fear is describing itself. But you don't have to do it like that.


Well, this started out as an assignment for English Class. So I was hoping to get the advice on some fellow writers on how well this story is and how to make it better.

What am I? To some, an innocent crafting necessity. But to others, I'm a painful weapon, ready to inflict pain on anybody daring enough to touch my tip.

Though harmless at first, you plug me into a wall and can get painful. After sitting long enough, I can cause a burn to appear on anybody's hand.

In the shape of a deadly weapon, I often cause much pain to innocent people. Much like a gun, I need loaded. You put a special stick in my bach, and I'm ready for any job. I'm very hot to the touch. You squeese my trigger, but instead of a deadly bullet, you get a hot stream of goo solwly oozing its way out of my barrel. They say my goo can stick to almost anything. When you're done, just flip up the stand on the bottom of me and set me down. After unplugging me, I'm harmless once again. Behold, I am hot glue gun.

The End

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