Pros and Cons

Younger.  The older generation thinks younger is better.  The younger generation thinks older is better.  Who is to say what is best?  Should we fret over being too old?  Should we fret over being too young?

Childhood brings lazy days of scampering in the grass in the summer.  Yet, our brains hurt when inundated with schoolwork, scurrying to baseball, football or soccer games.  Our parents want us to grow up to be well-rounded individuals but kids get tired too.

Elderly are talked down to like children as if they don't know a thing; have lived for a generation, aren't wise.  But, there are senior discounts, the hugs from grandkids and the opportunity to turn off the hearing aide when we'd rather not listen to their horrible rock music.

So, is middle-aged best?  This is the stage that I am currently in.  I can look back fondly on many childhood memories.  I can look forward to growing old with my husband.  I no longer work outside the home and can spend precious moments working on my hobbies.  I may have a senior moment now and again but I am still young enough to laugh, kick up my heels and let life take its course.

Who is to say what is best?

The End

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