You Were WrongMature

    Every scream shouted pushes the nail further into your coffin. Buried by the very words that were meant to crush me. I won’t give in that easily. Kicking out of your ridiculous perception is my fight of choice. You tried to shape and mold this rebellious hellion into the perfect submissive pet. It didn’t work. I broke the cage you locked me in. Burning in rage I flew and haven’t stopped since that day.
    The wreckage is pathetic. Looking back, I had the power. You thought it would me who would crumble under your scorn. How funny it is to watch you writhe beneath the very essence that you strove to hinder. I will roar before I ever think of sitting at your feet.
    You are full of shit. It runs straight through to your heart. If you wanted to help, maybe a little sympathy would have been a useful approach. I don’t respect you. The feel of your criticizing gaze follows me everywhere. The cracking of eggshells lets me know this is a war zone. But, I’m not the only target.
    I hear the way you speak, or rather your incessant barking. Rough and scarring it rips through the air and scrapes at the soul. I watch the pain echo in your domain. I thought I was strong, until I felt you break me down, unable to escape. Prisoner to your domain, I knew what I was losing. There was no one to tell, to hope for, or even to know. I am alone, and breathing.
     Dangerous and unstoppable I will regain my spirit. I can repair the damage and keep you at bay. I am not what you think. My power grows as you try to stifle this explosion. Sit back and enjoy as I refuse to take part in this doll house you control. Fuck you, and your cynical dictatorship over the lives around you.
    Groveling is something I won’t do. I will never be on my knees before you. Fear has left and I know I’m a force to be reckoned with. I know your uncomfortable with each of us. I’ve seen how you run and hide. Passive to the aggression. Well, I hope you are prepared to weaken to  oblivion. Hindered by your lack of stature. You are insecure and squirm when you realize you’ve lost.
    Accepting defeat isn’t something you are particularly keen on doing. You’d rather pin it on someone else. Feeling the heat emanating from your core burns any love around you. You’re blind to your actions and insist on the rightness of your ways. What’s left is wrong, and you’re only too happy for it. Challenged, you feel threatened, imposed on, and disrespected. Welcome to my world you egoistical prick.
    It will be a treat to dish out the very phrases that kept me at a failing distance. You can’t contain me. You’ve never succeeded. Behind your back I have risen, grinning with hate. I don’t suffer. My tears baptize me. I am clean of your filthy shit. You are a bastard who can never claim me. I will never be yours.

The End

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