Everything reminds me of HimMature

I entered our ranch style home looking around, the house seemed cold and lifeless. It was like a reflection of herself. Her once happy home now was just a desolate building with a roof and four walls. I  walked in closing the door behind Namine my, Stilettos clicking against the cherry wood floors. Upon the entrance our wedding photos hung on the wall, the black and white photo capturing the moment right before our kiss. I coughed holding back my tears as I touched his face. I quickly turned away and turned my attention to Namine, to see her staring at me worried.

"I am going to go upstairs and change." I said quietly slowly making my way up the wood steps clutching the black iron railing, intricately  designed like the ones we saw on our honeymoon in Italy. I saw our bedroom door closed, I took a deep breath and wrapped my slender fingers around the bronze chrome handle twisting it softly hearing a soft click as it opened. I stepped in to see everything was just as we left it that day of the event. I saw his purple collared shirt laying on the bed in heap at the foot of it. I sauntered over to it and grabbed it burying my face in it. It still smelt strongly of his cologne, I quickly stripped myself of the black dress and slid his shirt on, it resting on my skin softly and ending at my mid thigh. I wrapped my arms around myself relishing his scent as I walked over to the bathroom, I looked at the mirror seeing nothing but a hideous mess. My eyes were dark red from crying which matched my nose which was raw from the sniffling. I sighed and turned the faucet to ice cold and cupped my hands under the cold liquid quickly splashing it onto my face. I looked up and wiped the makeup off of my face with the grey towel that was next to me. 

"I will stay this ugly forever." I said softly as I felt warm arms wrap around my waist, I smiled softly I leaned against the broad chest that was behind me.

"You are beautiful Raven, always have been and always will be."  Danny whispered pressing his lips against my neck, I sighed quietly and shut my eyes.

"You are only saying that because your my husband."

"No I'm saying it because its true and my opinion is all that matters." he said softly, planting soft and tender kisses on my neck. I giggle and opened my eyes to see nothing behind me, no one. Great I'm going insane. I thought to myself feeling tears pool in my eyes, I let out a shaky breath and walked down the stairs to see Namine had the movie ready to play and popcorn ready. I smiled softly, I was truly blessed to have her in my life. I sat next to her and laid against the couch pillow the movie starting , this is something I use to do with Danny, except I would lay on him. I can't go on living like this, not without him, everything  reminds me of him. He is and always will be the love of my life. I let my thoughts wander away from me as I blankly stared at the screen. For the next two hours we watched the movie silently when the credits finished rolling. I looked over to see Namine was sound asleep, I got up and found my journal, I smiled and began writing..

Dear sister,

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me, everything you continued to do for me. I truly wanted to move on from this, wanted to go back to old times. But is to hard to continue on with him, without my family. Everything I do reminds me of what I use to have, and what I will never have again. I truly love you Namine, you were my biggest supporter and my biggest inspiration, you pushed me to be better than I ever thought I could be. I am so sorry that I have to leave but I truly am at peace with this, I will be okay now. Everything will be okay, I love you and you are the most beautiful, most intelligent woman I know, I have high hopes for you.

Goodbye Namine

I smiled and skipped to the kitchen grabbing the butcher knife. I could see Danny's refelection.

"Don't do it my love, then we can never be together, suicide is a sin-"

"I can't stay on this earth without you." I whispered placing it against my neck, I was about to slide it across when I heard Namine's voice.

"Do you honestly think you could get away that easily?" Her voice took on a malicious one, I turned around slowly to see she  held a 50 caliber pistol at me.

"Namine?" I asked confused and in shock.

"You couldn't leave well enough alone could you, I had Danny falling for me and then you had to TAKE him from me." She yelled  tears welling up in her eyes.

"I didn't take anyone from you, Danny loved me, why do you think he married me?" I asked walking closer to her, the gun's barrel resting against the center of my forehead.

"Sorry sis, he slept with me before the day of your wedding. I didn't want to hurt him so I kept my mouth shut. He was ALWAYS in love with me, he just used you as a cover up-"

"You are lying!" I screamed as she cocked the gun back.

"Am I? Have fun in heaven, because Danny won't be there." She said laughing pulling the trigger, the bullet leaving its home echoing loudly as it pierced Raven's skull, her brain splattering all over the kitchen; she collapsed with a thud as a crimson pool began to circle around her.

"Haha, you can come out now." She said laughing hysterically as a man walked out of the shadows.

"Did you have to tell her I cheated on her?" He said walking over pressing his lips against hers roughly. She pulled away from the kiss smiling.

"Of course it's more fun. Now we just have to get rid of her body." She said smiling wickedly. 

"I'll deal with that later, right now I just want you." He said  grabbing her quickly  and throwing her on the couch. Finally, she thought to herself, the villain  gets her happy ending.

The End

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