You meet Hermione Granger

As you walk along the corridor and approach the first set of stairs, you spy a girl with wild bushy hair. It could only be Hermione Granger.

'Hey! Hermione!' you shout.

She turns and spots you. She walks over to you, and takes her time about it. You remember that Hermione and Harry don't become friends until the night of Halloween, when they all fight the troll. You hope that this dream won't last that long.

'Are you OK?' you ask, hoping that this is something Harry would say.

Hermione tosses her hair out of her face. 'Hello,' she says. 'I expect you're already heading off to your first leson. You have Transfiguration as well, don't you? I was actually considering going to the libraryfirst to pick out a few book on the subject. I like to have a basic knowledge of the subject before I start, don't you?'

'Yes.' You stare at Hermione, wondering how so many words could come out of one person. 'Er... do you know where it is?'

'Yes, I think I do. I took the time to study the map before I went to sleep yesterday, and I think I've got it down. All the same, it's supposed to be extraodinarily difficult - the staircases move around, don't they?'

'Yes, I know. Look, can we go to Transfiguration now? I don't want to be late.'

Hermione half-nods at you, and you start walking. You have a map in your pocket, and the two of you use it to get to the lesson.

The End

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