Filch grumbles at you

You encounter Filch on the first floor. He's not in a good mood, and he looks even more sour when he sees you and Ron approaching.

'You lousy first years,' he grumbles. You realise he's staring at Ron's shoes - or, rather more accurately, at the trail of dried mud leading up to Ron's shoes. You swear under your breath. You know all about how irritable Filch can be.

'Apologise,' you urge Ron.

'Oh right. Sorry,' he says to Filch.

Filch merely growls at you. 'Sorry indeed. Sorry doesn't mop the floor, does it? You first years ought to know better...' he say, walking towards you. You nod at Ron, hoping he'll get the message, but he's busy looking guiltily at his muddy footprints.

Filch steps closer and waves his broom at you.

'Get out of my sight, you little beggars!'

You and Ron scarper. You run straight into Transfuguration - which turns out to be your first lesson.

Inside you are greeted by a very grumpy looking -


The End

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