You bump into Peeves the poltergeist

You reach the first floor, when over your head swoops Peeves, a poltergeist. Ron sees him before you do, and quickly tugs you out of the way. But it's too late.

'Ooooooooh!' Peeves cackles gleefully. 'Ickle firsties!'

The two of you run as Peeves repeatedly swoops down on you, throwing anything that was to hand - bits of pottery, socks, even the odd painting. Finaly you elude him by slipping through a narrow corridor.

'Oh bloody hell,' Ron says. 'That was a nightmare. Where are we now?'

You think back to one of the books, thinking of a spell that will illuminate the darkened corridor. You take out your wand

'Lumos' you say. The end of your wand glows very dimly. That makes sense, you think. I am only a beginner.

'Wow,' Ron says. 'I thought you lived with Muggles. Where'd you learn that?'

You think fast. 'Erm... Hermione told me, yesterday.'


You make your way down it, suddenly find yourself on a moving staircase, and step out into an empty classroom.

'We should have brought a map,' you say.

'Didn't think of it,' Ron replies from behind you. 'I mean, it's only the great hall. Who needs directions? Just keep going down until there's no more stairs and then find a teacher or something.'

The empty classroom leads into another hallway. You realise that it's getting close to 9am, and wonder if you should be ina  lesson soon.

'Hey Harry,' Ron says. 'Get your timetable.'

You dig out the timetable from your robe pocket. The first entry - Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall, 9am.

Ron looks at his watch. 'We're late.'

You race through another classroom, down a flight of stairs, and then down another flight of stairs, which somehow lead you to the previous floor. After much wandering, you bump into -

The End

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