Ron Weasley

Walking into the great hall, you see it bears a striking resemblance to the one you've seen so often in the films and video games. You join Ron at the table - a tall, gangly oy with red hair and lots of freckles. He looks nothing like Rupert rint. He is tucking into a plate of sausages, eggs, bacon and mushrooms.

'Alright, Harry?' he says with his mouth full.

You grin and sit opposite him. The table is laden with cutlery, plates and lots of breakfast things. You help yourself to some toast and begin to butter it. You crunch into it. The toast is nice.

'What have we got first, Harry?' Ron asks, swallowing.

You look dumbfounded. 'I, er, I don't know.'

'Check your timetable. You've got it in your pocket, haven't you?'

You dip a hand into your robe pocket and pull out a timetable, written on yellowing parchement. The first lesson - Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall, 9am.

'Right,' Ron says, eating the last of his mushrooms and wiping a piece of toast round the plate to absorb the juice. 'We'll go there in a bit then. Got a map?'

You check your pockets again. They are empty.

'No, I haven't,' you say.

Ron groans. 'They're probably back at the dormitory. Come on.'

The two of you leave your breakfast and rush to the dormitories, concious that time is running out. Eventually you pick up a map and your supplies, and head for Transfiguration.

The End

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