Hermione Granger

You smile warmly at Hermione as you approach, but she does not return the smile. She has her nose buried deep ina  very big and dusty tome.

'Hiya Hermione,' you say brightly.

She looks up. 'Hello,' she says. 'I suppose you're here to get some study done too? Of course I did a lot of studying last night, I just couldn't sleep, could you? I mean all this is very exciting; of course I'm really looking forward to my lessons. I believe we've got Transfiguration first. I'd study your map if I were you. You don't wat to get lost on your first day, and of course the staircases like to move about. They've done that since the castle was built. I read about it in "Hogwarts - A History".'

You stare down at her. Of course, you remember. Harry and Hermione aren't friends yet. In fact, Hermione's stuck being  a book-hungry know-it-all up until Halloween when they all fight the troll.

You gulp at the thought of fighting a troll, then remember you probably won't be around that long. You sit opposite Hermione. On the table are lots of breakfast things. You help yourself to some toast and start to butter it.

'Listen,' you say. 'I'm not very confident about finding my wa around. Do you mind if we walk to Transfiguration together?'

Hermione allows you a small smile.

''Yes, I think that would be wise,' she remarks. 'Of course it is. You have got Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall, haven't you? Do you want to start going over it before the lesson?'

'No thank you,' you say politely. You can't really pretend to share an interest in heavy study. You gaze at Hermione, noticing how incredibly thick and bushy her hair really is, how snooty her tone of voice is. Again, this must be J.K. Rowling's perception of Hermione.

Soon enough, you make your way with Hermione to Transfiguration.

The End

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