History of Magic

'Oh no,' Ron moans, getting ut of bed. 'History of magic, that sounds -'

'Boring? Deeply, hideously dull?' you offer.

Ron gives you an odd look.

'Well, yeah,' he says. 'It's taught by Professor Binns. He's supposed to be the only ghost teacher in the school.'

You remember reading in the second book about a lesson with Professor Binns. Hermione had asked about the Chamber of Secrets - something Ron here wouldn't even know about until next year. It seems so strange seeing this Ron, a Ron that doesn't yet know that his sister will come close to death next year, that dementors will flood the school the year after that. He has no idea that Voldemort was close. You make a mental note to keep a close eye on Quirrell.

'So,' you say, pretending not to know,' 'How did a ghost end up becoming a Hogwarts teacher?'

'Well,' Ron says, as he begins to get changed - you look away - 'Fred and George told me that he was ateacher for years, and one night he fell asleep in the teacher's common room. Then next morning he got up to teach and left his body behind.'

You grin as you listen to Ron paraphrase the works of J.K. Rowling. This dream is so accurate, so real.

You notice that the other boys in the dormitory are leaving. Felling suddenly time-concious, you grab a pair of robes from beside Harry's suitcase and pull them on.

'Ron,' yu say, 'I think we'd better go soon.'

'Yeah,' he says. 'Do you have a map, mate?'

You find one inside the suitcase, along with a wand, which you quickly pocket. You grab a load of books, Ron grabs his - which look mor etattered and old than yours - and you leave for the first lesson.

The End

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