'Transfiguration?' you say, taking the timetable from Ron. There it is. Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall, 9am.

'McGonagall's supposed to be -'

'Strict?' you guess.

'Yeah,' Ron says, bemused. 'Fred and George told me.'

You grin. Two of your favourite characters in the books were Fred and George. You look forward to meeting them.

'It's not fair,' Ron continues. 'I mean, it's not even as if she's on our side or anything. Snape's on the Slytherin's side all the time, but...'

'Yeah,' you agree. 'Annoying. Still, I expect she's alright.'

Ron starts to pull on his robes, so you take the oppurtunity to put on yours. They fit perfectly.

Behind you, the other Gryffindors are making their way out of the dormitories. You gaze nervously at them as one by one, they disappear.

'Er, Ron,' you say, 'Shouldn't we be going now?'

Ron finishes getting changed and looks at his watch. 'Oh bloody hell!' he says. 'We're going to be late! Harry, do you have a map?'

You root around in your suitcase. Sure enough, there it is, under the piles of books. You pick up your wand - Awesome, you think, pocketing it - and a few books. Ron picks up his stuff and you race out through the common room.

The End

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