'That's just rubbish,' you say sympathetically.

'I know,' Ron agrees.  'Snape's supposed to -'

'Show favouritism towards the Slytherins?' you venture. 'Hate all students?'

'Well, yeah,' Ron says, getting up. 'He's supposed to be a git, basically. We've got it with the Slytherins as well.'

'Yep,' you agree. 'This morning is gonna be FUN.'

Ron starts to pull on his robes, and you turn your back. You find your own robes next to your suitcase - or rather, Harry's suitcase. You pull your on as well. They fit perfectly.

'I'm starving,' Ron says. 'Think we're too late for breakfast?'

You look at your watch, then  realise you don't have one. You look at the timetable. Potions starts at nine oclock.

'I think we have to get going soon,' you say. Behid you, the other boys in the dormitory are getting dressed and heading down to the common room and beyond.

'Oh hell,' Ron says, facing you. 'I don't know the way round, do you?'

'We've got a map.'

'Yeah, but still. The staircases move, don't they?'

You'd forgotten about this. You and Ron quickly get your things ready for Potions and leave the dormitories.


The End

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